New Person

Word: lighten

I’m minorly surprised. The new person has arrived. He, as I’m told is the gender, is very hyper. Already he’s taken my mortal body as his own, but I’ve been assured I’ll be returned to my body soon.

The new one has no name.



Word: confuse

I’ve been alone for several days now. I can’t say I’m happy to be so. I found cords to play with. I wonder what they’re for? I hope she plans to return on time.

I wonder if her sewing project and dye issues are working okay…

One Year

Word: attachment

It’s a strange sensation to think of how I’ve been living here for a year.

I can’t say I’m attached to this planet and life yet. I’ve been left in the room alone while She goes home to figure something out. The place isn’t exactly orderly, but it’s satisfactory. She said she’ll return in less than a week and should be able to fix the place up.

We are expecting a guest on Wednesday night. I’m not sure if I should behave, but I suppose I should. I need to be kind in place of my friend getting his “face”. She’s debating changing his name, but I think Sesi is a good name for him. I don’t know what else it should be. I found his letter to her that he came with. It says he’ll behave and doesn’t like to be ignored. I hadn’t pictured him as such a sensitive being. I must look into this….?

Easter Land

hiero from red delerium

Word: Easter

an annual Christian festival in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, as calculated according to tables based in Western churches on the Gregorian calendar and in Orthodox churches on the Julian calendar

Why is “Easter” so complex? I doubt this Jesus felt it should be this complex to celebrate his resurrection. Though I must question the time of year it falls, since in the Northern Hemisphere of the year that’s around the same time as spring. Thus it’s during the time of renewal of the plants and life anyway. Was it really a celebration for a person? Religion is confusing. I never want to be caught by it.

On another note. There’s been loud shaking, thumping and other assorted noises that come from a machine that joins two pieces of fabric together. It’s called a sewing machine. I wonder why you can’t just sewing.. sew? Sew by hand. It’d be much quieter, I’m sure.

I haven’t slept well in the last week because of this noise! And it’s not even and outfit for me. It’s for the event taking place in a few weeks.


Word: disillusioned

Did you know that word meant “to be freed of enchantment”? That makes me think of Beauty and The Beast (Disney). It’s been on the “television” a lot lately… That and Fantasia. Both are good and have beautiful music.

I’m starting to understand human language more, so communications are easier.

The outfit is new. It was bought for Easter, but I fail to see how a lamb, bunny and chicken play into the roll of this Holiday? I should ask about the history of it before the trip at the end of the month.


Word: peaceful

I’m here at the temporary home alone. I had Sesi’s head on my lap until the 20th. Owner says he’s off to get a ‘face up’. She said it means make-up. I don’t understand either, but I miss his company.

She also has been keeping Danihen in quaratine for the last few months. I haven’t seen him since the Halloween holiday. Depressing since Saint Patrick‘s Day just passed. She said she’ll be buying him new ‘elastic’ for his body so he can come out to play.

We also have a new sofa to sit on. It’s yellow and nice. I’ll show you later.


Word: expansion

Several things have occurred today. First, I got to see the final “prints” from the three “rolls” earlier. They look fantastic! Something about framing, and contrast was off though, so there’s lots of duplicates that don’t look as perfect as the finals.

The next assignment rolled around too, where things should have movement. veraca made me fall over about 30 times, forward, and backward. On my face, and on my butt. It got dizzying after the first five falls.

I am thankful she had me fall on a sofa.

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